July Misc Roundup

The kids went on a fun Zoo field trip for school:


Although his birthday was on a Sunday, he was treated like royalty at school the following Monday:


I’m a stickler about Thank You cards; here Will is trying out a ransom note style:


We also do homemade Birthday Cards for relatives:


Our family has an incentive program for jobs and good attitudes and the kids have earned several board games so far.  This was a favorite:


Ben turned an ancient 34 years old this month!


He got a very manly gift of a new BBQ and we’ve all been enjoying the results:


Will surprised us one morning with a new hairstyle for school:


Lucy is always wanting me to try out new things with her hair:


Ben and I were privileged to capture the love of our friends in a super-fun engagement session.  First, Ben gets to be my model!


It’s cute puppy time!


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