Margaret was a huge Disney fan. She had gone to Disney Business School, and had worked at Disney World for almost a year. So when Will was born, we had to figure out what was the perfect age for him to go to a Disney park for the first time. Not so young that he wouldn’t remember (that’s silly), but not so old that he wouldn’t be able to really immerse and believe.

The answer we came up with was seven, and that it should be a bonding trip with his Swank grandparents. Two years later, when Lucy was born, we decided that it should be just one kid at a time – Lucy wouldn’t be ready when Will turned seven, and nine might be too late.

Well, that was seven years ago. I present, without further comment, Will’s Disney adventure.

[Okay, maybe just one comment. While Will was meeting Lightning McQueen, Becky and I took Lucy to Hawaii! In two years, when Lucy’s on her Disney adventure, our plan is to take a nine-year-old Will on his own Hawaii trip.]


2 thoughts on “Disneyland

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