August Misc Roundup

We kicked off a new reading program with the kids: fill up a punch card (each block is 5 minutes of reading), and you can pick out a new book at Powell’s. Yes: reading to earn more reading.


I’m giving both of the kids computer lessons 4 mornings a week. Here’s some of the art they’ve created and e-mailed to relatives:

boc-August13-0002Photo on 8-16-13 at 7.16 AM

Becky made a triumphant (though short-lived) return to CrossFit this month!


We filled up our “great day” jar with pebbles, and as a family we earned a sushi dinner!


We all trucked down to Salem for Anne’s 95th birthday party, and since everyone was there, it turned into a full-on portrait session. Here are some outtakes and behind-the-scenes action shots:




The kids filled up their punch cards quickly, so we took a trip to Powell’s:


We took a (Groupon-assisted) afternoon cruise on the Portland Spirit!


We can never pass up a good museum exhibit, and this one was pretty amazing when it was at OMSI. Lucy’s not so sure, though.


That same night, we delivered Will to Salem for his grand Disney adventure, and we took Lucy to see a movie.


Becky and I photographed this amazingly joyful wedding, and when the sun went down and the glow sticks came out…


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