Bi-Zi Farm Day

Last weekend, we found ourselves with a gorgeous Saturday, and no solid plans. Since it was October, and the kids needed pumpkins for school projects, we decided it was time for our mostly-annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We all grabbed our boots, and drove up to Bi-Zi Farms in Vancouver. The kids immediately scaled and clambered all over and through the hay pyramid.


And swam in a pool of dried corn kernels.


And didn’t get lost in the hay maze.


Met some new furry friends.


Roped some plastic cows.


And launched small pumpkins towards a barrel about 30 yards away.


I actually managed to get more than half of my last pumpkin in the barrel, and got this little guy as a prize!


Then the main attraction: the hay ride.


Lucy and Will chose pumpkins they could carry to school and use in class. Becky and I chose medium-sized gourds for decorating the house.


Our last stop: successfully getting lost in the corn maze.


Until next year!

One thought on “Bi-Zi Farm Day

  1. Keep those kiddos busy, they learn without ever knowing it….. and you getta have fun too. Of course I know you already knew that. Corn mazes are fun. We do at least one each yr.

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