September Misc Roundup

While Becky and I were shooting a wedding, the kids spent Labor Day weekend with their grandparents; you’ll have to ask them what happened, but the Oregon State Fair was definitely involved.


We signed up for a share of a salmon CSA, and Lucy went with me to pick up our loot. They helpfully loaned us a wagon to get our cooler to the car.


Lucy’s learning how to touch type!


Becky’s photo of Lucy at the Awesome 3000 showed up in an ad for SKEF!


At Audrey’s birthday, Lucy made herself a crown. It’s sparkly.


This sometimes happens when you feed dogs. Or people, I suppose.


But not this time. These are the dessert she chose for her cooking-dinner night: paleo vanilla cupcakes with apple frosting. They were delicious.


A trip to the craft store is always fun.


Waiting for one of their craft-store prizes: shrinky-dinks!


Here are some photos of Will’s class, courtesy of his teacher, Mr. Butler.


He made a self-portrait using “your choice of medium”. He chose tangrams.


Becky found some organizational zen when volunteering for a school maintenance day. She spent four hours with this:


She also got a haircut. Note Becky’s photos on the wall; we own part of this salon.


My volunteer work was to help set up for the school carnival; here are some of my cohorts.


After a rain, we discovered water seeping out of an interior wall in the basement. It’s not a plumbing leak, it turns out our house just doesn’t drain well.


Fortunately (?), we’re already starting a remodeling project. Here’s the first thing they installed:


CSA delivery day is always a cause for surprise, delight, and celebration.


Cute Puppy Time


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