Spooky Dinner!

We may not celebrate holidays like everyone else, but we do celebrate them. Halloween is no exception; we dress up, and decorate our house.


And we cook. First course tonight is mashed sweet potatoes in jack-o-lanterns. Yup, those are hollowed-out oranges.


The protein tonight is provided by these adorable yummy mummies – hot dogs (or, in our case, pineapple-bacon sausages), wrapped in shredded sweet potato, with sunflower seed evil eyes.


We also made pumpkin cider lattes from pumpkin, apple cider, and coconut milk. Will spent about 15 minutes whisking it so it wouldn’t burn.


For our dessert, eyeballs and ghosts! These took a few tries to get right, but they were delicious and fun to decorate.


Will and Lucy are very proud of their creations.


There’s what we did for halloween. What did you do?


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