100 Things in 2014

So we saw this thing. And our collective jaws hit the figurative ground. “We should totally do that!” we all thought simultaneously.

So here we go. There are a hundred things on our personally-curated list, and we intend on completing them all.

The Rules

  • Every item must be completed by 11:59 pm on December 31, 2014.
  • They are not required to be completed in any particular order.
  • Each requires that both Becky and I be present, but some also have the kids involved; we’re training them as professional adventurers.
  • More than one may be completed in a single day, if circumstances permit.
  • We are allowed to modify the list slightly to adjust for life changes during the year (as long as the goal of doing 100 great things is still met).

Wish us luck!

Current progress: 100/100!!

  1. Take a photo with the Fonz.
  2. Explore a new-to-us beach town
  3. Ride the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail with kids
  4. Dine at an old-guard Portland restaurant (at least 10 years old)
  5. Dine at a brand new restaurant (open within 6 months)
  6. Road trip with a destination
  7. Road trip with no destination
  8. Visit the big Portland Farmers Market in the summer
  9. Attend Becky’s 20-Year High School Reunion
  10. Visit a wildlife refuge
  11. Write a book
  12. Throw a party
  13. See a play about zombies
  14. Visit an art gallery
  15. Watch a movie outside
  16. Do 4 walks from our Portland walking tours book
  17. See Santaland Diaries at Portland Center Stage
  18. Drink a bottle of fancy champagne
  19. Complete a puzzle together (at the beach)
  20. Read The Hobbit together
  21. Read a parenting book together (The Read-Aloud Handbook)
  22. Attend a Winterhawks game
  23. Do a sake tour
  24. Eat tacos in Mexico
  25. Have the dog run upgraded
  26. Go fruit picking
  27. Shoot something (with a gun)
  28. See a stand-up comedian act
  29. Go canoeing/kayaking
  30. Have dinner in the backyard
  31. Visit a new city/state
  32. Grow tomatoes in the back yard
  33. Attend the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting at Feast Portland
  34. Watch movies 91-100 on AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies list
  35. Try 5 new fruits or vegetables
  36. Hike Multnomah Falls with the kids
  37. Buy a beautiful piece of investment furniture
  38. Visit a new country 1
  39. Corn maze
  40. Go 24-hours gadget-free
  41. Attend an OMSI After Dark event
  42. Try a new ethnic food
  43. Attend a movie at an art-house theater
  44. Eat a multi-course chef’s-whim meal
  45. Attend a Timbers game
  46. Visit the Arizona Museum of Natural History
  47. Ride a tandem bike
  48. Gnome for the Holidays
  49. Swim with sharks
  50. Take care of the backyard dirt pile
  51. Fix the kids’ closets
  52. Reorganize our office
  53. Take kids to a Cirque Show
  54. Volunteer for a charity
  55. Visit a “biggest” tree in Oregon
  56. Write a letter to each other, for our anniversary, about the previous year
  57. Go roller skating
  58. Find a raw milk source
  59. Visit the Hatfield Marine Science Center
  60. Carve a pumpkin
  61. Visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden
  62. Surprise date, planned entirely by Ben
  63. Visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum
  64. Watch 5 Documentaries
  65. Teach something at the kids’ school
  66. Make ice cream
  67. Participate in an organized 5k fun-run
  68. Buy art from a local artist
  69. Visit the End of the Oregon Trail Center
  70. Buy something beautiful from an antique shop
  71. Make a family bookshelf
  72. See something at the Portland Rep
  73. Attend an improv show
  74. FROGZ!
  75. Frame and display our travel art collection
  76. Fly a kite
  77. Visit the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute
  78. Go snow tubing
  79. Play old-school arcade games
  80. Complete a Portland scavenger hunt
  81. Visit Saturday Market
  82. Build a sand castle
  83. Spend a day at Enchanted Forest
  84. Visit the Wreck of Peter Iredale
  85. Sign the kids up for the Portland Trackers Apprenticeship
  86. Cook something new from 5 new cookbooks
  87. Bike the lights at PIR
  88. Dress up fancy for an event
  89. Spend a day at Oaks Park
  90. Visit the Tillamook Forest Center
  91. Tour a lighthouse
  92. Participate in a Holdfast dinner event
  93. Complete the 4T hike
  94. Karaoke Date
  95. Attend an event at the Oregon Convention Center
  96. Take the kids to the Portland Art Museum
  97. Take the kids to Washington Park Playground (largest in Portland)
  98. Show the kids two memorable movies from our childhood
  99. Start a Book Club
  100. Create and post our 100 Things 2015 List


  1. This can be a place either or both of us has been in the past, but has to be someplace we’ve never visited together.

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