Winter Break: Week One–Beach!

For the first week of the kids’ winter break, we headed to the lovely Oregon coast. It’s about a two-hour drive, long enough to catch some Z’s.


…which left plenty of energy for reading once we arrived.


The kids traded off making gift soaps and helping in the kitchen.


Aaaaaaand more reading. (We’re not complaining.)


Most of our stay was cold but clear. We made sure to visit the beach a few times.


The tide was low enough that Will and Lucy got to explore a bit of Proposal Rock.


Our trip contained the last 4 days of Christmas, so the kids had something new to do every day. Apart from his new bike, Will’s most favorite Christmas present is a 1960’s-vintage Spirograph. He uses it almost every day.


Lucy and I spent some time gluing beautiful gewgaws and decorative ribbons to hair bands. She loved it.


They also very much enjoyed working on Lucy’s Goldie Blox. It’s pretty different from all the other building toys they have.


Is it cute puppy time? I think it is.


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