#61: Lan Su Chinese Garden

This is part of our 100 Things in 2014 challenge. Here’s the full list.

Today we visited the Lan Su Chinese Garden, which is a partnership between Portland and our sister city in China, Suzhou.

100T- Chinese Garden-0001

Our first stop was the Tower of Cosmic Reflections, in which we sipped a on a pot of tea, and enjoyed some light snacks. The experience was tranquil and stimulating, all at once. Here we have tea-soaked hard-boiled eggs, and mung-bean flour cookies.

100T- Chinese Garden-0003100T- Chinese Garden-0004

The buildings and landscaping here are gorgeous. This guy is eating all the evil, and preventing fires in the home.

100T- Chinese Garden-0005100T- Chinese Garden-0006100T- Chinese Garden-0007100T- Chinese Garden-0008

If you’ve never visited this place, it’s worth it. It’s amazing how much tranquility can be crammed into less than a city block in a rough part of town.

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