#23: Sake Tour

This is part of our 100 Things in 2014 challenge. Here’s the full list.

For this item on our list, we traveled to a land far away to the SakéOne Brewery & Tasting Room, one of only six places in the USA where sake is made.

100T Sake Tour-0001
100T Sake Tour-0003100T Sake Tour-0004

Our tasting included 6 sets of two tastes. We managed to taste almost half of the sakes they sell in the shop.

100T Sake Tour-0006

…and somehow managed to come home without any of these awesome things.

100T Sake Tour-0007100T Sake Tour-0008

Our tasting also included a tour of the brewery!

100T Sake Tour-0009

The two-ton bags of rice, as they are delivered.

100T Sake Tour-0010

The cedar-lined room where the koji rice is made.

100T Sake Tour-0011

Microbrewing fans might recognize the tanks here; sake production uses almost exactly the same equipment as brewing beer.

100T Sake Tour-0012100T Sake Tour-0013100T Sake Tour-0014

We ended our tour with a couple of glasses of sake. The one on the left is unfiltered (or nigori) sake, which is sweeter and creamier. We came home with bottles of both kinds.

100T Sake Tour-0015

We loved this place. All of the people were very helpful; we even had a question that our tour guide couldn’t answer, and one of the brewers overheard and chimed in with the answer! If you’re ever in the neighborhood (or even close), stop in for a glass. You won’t regret it, we promise.

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