Kid-Parent Retreats

Will & Becky

Will & I (Becky) drove out to our house in gorgeous Neskowin right after school on Friday.


The area was experiencing several major storms that weekend, so we did a lot of indoor activities.


For our Saturday adventure we drove down to the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.  We are members at the Oregon Coast Aquarium just down the street, but had been saving this fascinating place until each kid was old enough to participating in all the science-ing.


My parents have been bringing my siblings and I to this place for as long as I can remember, but boy have they added a bunch of great state-of-the-art science-y stuff!


We happened to go on Shark Day, and were lucky enough to get to participate in a screening of the hilarious and informative “The Shark Riddle” created by Sisbo Studios.  The creators/actors were on hand to show us some behind-the-scenes footage and gave a great presentation about sharks.


We made sure to include one of Will’s favorite beach treats: a big ol’ shrimp cocktail:


Lucy & Ben

Meanwhile, back in Portland, Lucy and I (Ben) enjoyed a movie night (with puppies).


Saturday morning, Lucy decided what was for breakfast, and read to me while I made it. In a strange turn of events, her book was about sharks!


Chef Lucy’s menu of the day: paleo macadamia-nut waffles with chopped pear. Yum.


Her next task was to choose a lunch menu for Sunday, when Will and Becky would be back, but she got stuck in the fun comics in our new favorite cookbook.


Next on the agenda: maintenance day at the kids’ school! We dusted all of the blinds.


Then it was lunchtime. We hit up Burgerville for some of our favorite burgers (with gluten-free buns).


Then we headed off to OMSI. This was Lucy’s first time on the USS Blueback!


Then we spent two hours in Turbine Hall. We made paper airplanes and tested them in a wind tunnel; we made a contraption to shoot foam balls; we built an earthquake-proof water tower; and we loaded containerships with a gantry crane.


Whew! That was enough excitement for one day.

The next morning, we tackled one of her biggest projects ever. She received a gigantic LEGO set for Christmas (“Thanks, Grandma Kay!”), and had some troubles about halfway through the project. She and I sat down for two hours, fixed what was there, and finished it. The last half hour, she wouldn’t let me help at all; she wanted to put the last few pieces together all by herself.


She’s really proud, and so am I.

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