#78: Snow Tubing

This is part of our 100 Things in 2014 challenge. Here’s the full list.

At some point, it occurred to us that neither of the kids had been to any kind of organized snow sport. They (or maybe we) are not quite ready to do full-on snowboarding lessons, but we can ride tubes! We strapped on all the ill-fitting snow gear we had, and headed up to the Summit Ski Area for some Groupon-fueled fun.

100T SnowTubing-0001

They both wanted to start out on a tandem tube, with a parent with them. Will quickly moved up to his own tube, but Lucy was nervous for a while.
100T SnowTubing-0003100T SnowTubing-0004

But she got there.

100T SnowTubing-0007100T SnowTubing-0011100T SnowTubing-0012100T SnowTubing-0014

For our last run of the day, we grabbed a two-seater, stuck a kid in each hole, and I plopped into the middle. Then there was a lot of giggling.

100T SnowTubing-0016100T SnowTubing-0017

This is a great way to spend a Sunday. It’s only an hour from Portland, and it only costs $10-20 per person. Pack your own lunch, though; they really nail you at the lodge.

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