January Misc Round-Up

Will and Lucy have gotten pretty good at riding their new bikes. Ben’s taken them each out for a lesson or two on how to ride on the street, and we decided they were ready for a group ride to the pet store 10 blocks away.


Both of the kids got personal journals for Christmas, and they’ve been practicing writing in them every day. They each write a couple of sentences on how they feel that day, or what happened to them. Their future selves will love this.


They’ve also been taking computer lessons from Ben. They’ve been practicing typing, and they each correspond with people we know through email. Lucy sent this totally non-photoshopped image to Becky.


The annual visit to the doctor. No surprises: both of them are in perfect health.


On the same day that we were teaching something to Lucy’s class, Will’s class was building paper bridges and taking apart semi trucks!


Becky’s job is sometimes complex. Here’s she’s trying to unravel a beach-house management knot.


The kids spent a weekend at (where else?) the Swanks house, and had a blast!


They got to see Frozen in 3D with Liz and Laney. They love this movie so hard.


The kitchen is moving quickly now; you can actually see things happening!


We went to see Charlotte’s Web on stage. Lucy was captivated by Charlotte’s aerial-silk acrobatics.




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