Snowpocolypse 2014

A heavy snowstorm hit Portland in early February, and we got something like six inches of snow. To you midwesterners and mountain-zoners, that probably doesn’t sound like much, but Portland owns a total of maybe three snowplows, so the city came to a screeching halt.

The kids’ school closed on Friday, and we didn’t want to drive anywhere, but we needed groceries. So we walked a mile in the snow, uphill both ways.


We made sure to do all the usual things, like making snowmen…


(this one’s lying down)


…having snowball fights…


…posing for portraits…


…making snow angels…


…both ways…


By Sunday, the major roads were barely passable, so we packed a very nervous Becky into the Subaru and sent her to the beach for her retreat. Her weather was much better than ours.


Back at home, the kids’ school closed for Monday also, so I spent some quality time with them…


…then sent them upstairs to play. I found them like this two hours later.


Scout and Jackson are not amused.


One thought on “Snowpocolypse 2014

  1. That “desperate” time was also referred to as “Snowlandia”! 🙂 Interesting to think that we have a good week of WINTER (with snow) and that’s probably all we get for the year. No wonder we have to enjoy it while we can.

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