Willamette Mission State Park

This is part of our Oregon State Park challenge! Check out our progress here.

One sunny spring break morning, we stuffed the kids into the car and drove about an hour to Willamette Mission State Park, near Salem. Our intent was to drive to the filbert grove, hike around that area (a 2.7-mile loop), and get home in time for lunch.

But then it rained. A lot. So much that the access road to most of the park was closed to vehicles. So we parked at the entrance, and gazed out from this wildlife viewing hide. Unfortunately, most of the wildlife was hiding (har har).


Then we started walking.


The kids are ready for some light photography now, so we gave them each a chance to try out our little point-and-shoot camera.


These next few are all Will’s work:


At one point, a tree had fallen over the path, so we sent our little monkeys a-climbing.


The far point of our journey was the viewpoint to the ghost structure (wooOOOOOoooo…), which marks the original location of the mission along what used to be the main route of the Willamette river.


These next few shots are from Will:


Then it was Lucy’s turn to be behind the camera.


Here’s a sampling of her work:


Aaaaaand done. Our hike ended up being around 5 miles, and both the kids did great, which gives us hope for the 20-mile backpacking trip we have planned for this summer.

Just kidding. It’s only 15 miles.

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