Science Fair 2014

This year both Will and Lucy were old enough to show their stuff in the Class Academy Science Fair! What did they do? I’m so glad you asked.

Will: Which hits farther, a wooden or aluminum bat?

We actually had to go shopping for this. Yes, I’m that dad who doesn’t even have a ball and glove on hand. We bought a ball, two bats, and a tee (for science!).


We do have a park close at hand, though. We unwrapped our equipment and got it set up.


Will alternated between the bats, hitting the ball 10 times with each one.


We recorded where each ball stopped rolling with good old-fashioned pen and paper.


Results: Will can hit farther with an aluminum bat, but this is mostly because the wooden one is just too heavy for him. He actually ended up with the same result as more serious scientists!

Lucy: how do cookies taste when you leave out the vanilla?

If you’ve ever met Lucy, you know she’d have to choose something to do with food. She picked one of our favorite Paleo cookie recipes (highly recommended, by the way), and started mixing.


At the very end, she put half of the dough onto the cookie sheet…


…then added the vanilla, and made the rest.


Into the oven they went, and we made sure to note which side was which. Then it was time for the tasting. The whole family helped out with this part. You know, so there’d be a large-enough sample size. For science!


Results: The majority of our family decided they liked the vanilla-laced cookies better, but Lucy liked them without. It’s kind of unclear, though, because hers got mixed up. Oh, well.

The Fair

I sat down with each kid and helped them type out the sheets for their boards, and Becky helped them with the photos and layout. Here’s the end result:


So, um, yeah. There should be a photo of Lucy in front of her board here, but my phone was completely dead, and Becky’s died as she was taking the photo. So you’ll just have to trust us.

Or wait until next year. I hear they’re having another science fair then!

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