Pilot Butte State Park

This is part of our Oregon State Park challenge! Check out our progress here.

We were out on walkabout anyways, we thought we’d get a hike in. Pilot Butte is an amazing place in the middle of Bend, and there’s a cool 360° view of the city that we completely failed to capture on film. Oh well, at least we can prove that we were there:


I dropped the others off at the top, moved the car to the bottom, and met them halfway up the hiking trail. It’s an interpretive trail, so there were signposts all along the way, and a guidebook so you knew what you were looking at. The kids loved making sure we didn’t miss a single sight.


Lo and behold, at the bottom there was a playground! We let the critters get some wiggles out before heading back to the cabin.


If you’re ever in Bend, make sure to see this place. It’s pretty cool.

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