Kid-Parent Retreats

It’s time once again for our semi-annual kid-parent retreats! We set aside an entire weekend to spend some one-on-one time with Will and Lucy.

This time, Lucy and Becky were the “away team.” They had rented an Airbnb in Sherwood, and needed to stop for supplies on the way there. Target is Lucy’s favorite store, and she went straight for the shoe department and tried on every pair they had in her size. She ended up spending $20 of her own money on a pair of Hello Kitty mary-janes; the brightly-colored pair below were a close second.


They arrived at their lodgings pretty late, and the next morning they found the local farmer’s market, and the first crop of Oregon strawberries!


Also happening during their weekend was the Tualatin Bird Festival! There was a narrated covered-wagon ride, and tons of flying creatures.


They also took the opportunity to visit Pokrov Farm, and become members of the raw milk club! Lucy immediately made friends with the kids there, and almost lost part of her pants to a tiny cow.


Ben and Will were the “home team.” Friday night at home is always a movie night, and the surprises start on Saturday morning. This time, it was a day at the Woodburn Drag Strip! Will was thrilled at all the classic cars, as well as the specialized, custom-built machines that could hit 250 MPH in less than 10 seconds. We even saw two jet-powered cars!



Will wanted to spend some of his allowance money at the drag strip (he got a new Hot Wheels drag racer), so when we got home, he counted out what was left.


The next day was a great day for a bike ride. We didn’t let the rain deter us, and headed out on the streets to Alberta Park.


Then the ladies got home, and we had a big reunion lunch, and swapped stories about our weekends.

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