Portfolio Day at CLASS Academy

At the end of every year at CLASS Academy, the school throws a “portfolio day.” This is when the kids have their parents come in, take them on a tour of their classroom, and show off all the things they’ve been working on all year. It’s also a day for saying goodbye to the teachers they’ve spent so much time with.

Here’s Will next to his self-portrait:


And with his teacher buddy – Mr. Butler, the Dragons teacher.


Lucy had a great time with Mr. Dougherty as a Kangaroo this year.


Also happening that day was the class plays, put on by the Kangaroos and Butterflies. There were three plays, one of which was written by the students. The whole production was… extraordinary.

Lucy played either three or four parts, we couldn’t figure out which. There was a magician and a baby dragon, and a mischevious fairy maybe? The plot had something to do with cheese. The kids all had a fabulous time doing this.


It makes us really proud to see how far the kids have come over this school year. We (and they) are looking forward to the next one.

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