Willamette Stone State Heritage Site

This is part of our Oregon State Park challenge! Check out our progress here.

This state park was a bit tricky to find. The maps show exactly where the stone is, but not where to park. We walked almost entirely around that little green triangle before finally giving up, only to spot the trailhead as we drove away.


There’s a ¼-mile downhill trail to the stone itself – one of the references for the national survey grid system. Everything in Oregon and Washington is located with a reference to this point, since it was laid in 1851.


We also sometimes Geocache. This one was hidden not very far from the stone, and the kids loved how big it was.


One of the things cachers do is to trade a small toy or token inside the cache, and help one of the ones found inside travel around. The kids rooted through their treasure buckets of tiny toys, and contributed a generous number to our stash of Geocaching trinkets. Our non-hoarder instincts were very proud.

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