Lucy Turns Six!

Our little Lucy is six already! It seems like only yesterday that she turned five.


We had her birthday dinner a few days early. She chose sushi.


We have a tradition of making a fancy breakfast on birthday mornings. Lucy loves dutch babies, so we made one with cherries in, and strawberry sauce on.


Flashback: about a week before, Will went to a really great toy store to pick a gift for Lucy. Here he is working really hard to find just the right thing. Or playing with the demo toys, whatever.


He finally decided on a jump rope, and a Mancala set. She also got a bajillion tiny wooden widgets to paint and glue together, and a set of pastel nail polish.


Here she is with her watermelon-coconut-cream-berry “cake”.


After seeing her fall in love with the costumes at the End of the Oregon Trail Center, Grandma Dorothy went and found a way to make Lucy a bonnet (which Lucy loves)! She also made this dress:


The Birthday Interview

What is the meaning of life?

To go on adventures.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A doctor.

What brings you the most happiness?

When I can buy whatever I want.

When do you feel the most loved?

When I get what I want.

What are you afraid of?

Monsters, and ghosts, and goblins; like all the scary stuff.

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

My birthday to be close together, my birthday now, my birthday now, my birthday now.

What is the funniest word?


What is the hardest thing to do?

My homework.

What is the easiest thing to do?

Sit. Heh heh.

What is the best thing in the world?

That we get money.

What is the worst thing in the world?

That I don’t always get what I want.

What makes you mad?

When somebody calls me a name and when somebody is hitting me or something. Like when somebody’s mean to me.

What is the meaning of love?

You marry.

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?

I would buy some things that I wanted and then the rest of it I would give to people who are sick. I would give it to the Health Care so that they could make the people better.

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