July Misc. Round-Up

Lucy made a phases-of-the-moon diagram with Oreos at school.


Her class discovered a “witch’s hut” in Forest Park.


They had a “camp out” under their tables, with story time.


This is what they do on especially hot days – their playground turns into a water park!


When she finishes her library books, she asks for more.


These two are… creative with hammocks.


Laney had a birthday party at a trampoline gym!


As well as a cake-and-presents affair back at the Aldridge estate.


Sometimes the kids help out with packing their lunches.


We spent an afternoon picking excess produce from the backyard greenhouse of some friends of ours. Lucy found the biggest tomato she could, and bit into it like an apple. She finished the whole thing, and at least 90% of it made it into her mouth.


This is how Becky hands the kids off to the Swanks for a week in Portland: all the dinners pre-cooked, a detailed calendar, and three sheets full of routines and rules.


Our friend Aaron turned old, and he likes to throw his parties at a karaoke bar. Ben went alone this time, but tried really hard to do justice to some Van Halen.


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