#26: Go Fruit Picking

This is part of our 100 Things in 2014 challenge. Here’s the full list.

While we were around for a barbecue, we took advantage of Kevin and Erika’s garden! They had tons of ripe raspberries that they hadn’t been able to keep up with. We’re always happy to help out with that problem. Of course, not all of the berries made it to the bowl. I’m just as guilty as Will looks. But that’s not all! There were also lots of ripe tomatoes, which are among the kids’ favorite foods! Becky grabbed all she could.

And Then

We made some friends at our old gym, and one family has the hugest backyard greenhouse we’ve ever seen, with so many things growing in it that they can’t help but be behind. They practically beggd us to come over and take food home. 〈sigh〉 Okay…

Here’s what we brought home, and here’s what Becky did for the next two days: made a giant vat of tomato sauce, which is now sitting deliciously in our freezer. We’ll use it as a base for ragu, barbecue sauce, chili, and dozens of other things. I can’t wait!


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