Fogarty Creek State Park

This is part of our Oregon State Park challenge! Check out our progress here.

This is a park in two parts.


The first is foresty, woodsy, and great for a nice stroll or a picnic. It wasn’t mealtime when we came, but we did find a cache or two.

boc-0002 boc-0003

One of them had a hummingbird nest in its tree!

boc-0004 boc-0005

This is (oddly) one of the least well-maintained state parks we’ve visited. “Go pose on those picnic table ruins!”

boc-0006 boc-0007

For the other cache, we went over the river and through the woods…

boc-0008 boc-0009 boc-0010 boc-0011

The second part is the beachy, gravel-sandy, oceany part. You can tell when you’re close by the driftwood and bare feet.

boc-0012 boc-0013 boc-0014 boc-0015

I took it upon myself to climb this rock. What I didn’t think about was (a) I was wearing flip-flops, and (b) there were two short people that wouldn’t want me to go alone.

boc-0016 boc-0017

Will got the farthest up of the three of us, and I made him stop out of my nervousness.


Then we gave them a mission: to build a dam across the entire stream. They worked at it for about an hour.

boc-0019 boc-0020

It’s a lovely place. Stop by if you’re in the area!


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