August Misc Round-Up

Lucy was a stand-in for Sam, Grace, Sen, and Ashton.


Lucy likes “fancy” hair. Becky is willing to experiment.

boc-0002 boc-0003

Lucy’s class went for a field day at the end of summer! It was super hot.

boc-0004 boc-0005 boc-0006 boc-0007 boc-0008

They also enrolled in the Multnomah county library’s summer reading program, which meant a trip to the library.


They also visited the World Forestry Center!


While Will was with us at Oaks Park, Grandma Dorothy helped Lucy take all the tangles out of Rainbow Dash’s hair. She also sewed an entire skirt, all by herself!


The Swank grandparents helped the kids make cabbage hats at the Riverfront FamilyFest in Salem.

boc-0013 boc-0014

The kids both went to swim lessons. 5 days a week. After school. For 4 weeks straight. Exhausting. But they’re sooooo much better swimmers now.


Here’s the skirt Lucy made! She made sure to wear it to Anne’s 96th birthday party.


Will made paper at school.

boc-0018 boc-0019

His class took a trip to the zoo.

boc-0020 boc-0021 boc-0022 boc-0023

They also visited the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It wasn’t covered with lilies when we visited.


We’re not sure what he’s using as his medium, but his architecture skills are clearly showing.


Will has officially graduated to the class that spends the entire time in the deep end of the pool!

boc-0026 boc-0027

Becky helped Jenny celebrate her birthday, by watching Catching Fire in the park.

boc-0028 boc-0029

We shot a wedding!


It was a pretty busy August. Stay tuned for September!

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