#16: Do 4 Walks from Our Portland Walking Tours Book

This is part of our 100 Things in 2014 challenge. Here’s the full list.

This is a multi-part challenge, and each walk took part on a different day; in fact, we cover three seasons in these photos!

For our guidebook, we’re using Becky Ohlsen’s Walking Portland, which includes 50 walks around our fair city. It was pretty hard to narrow down which ones to do first.

January: Northwest 21st and 23rd Avenues: Faded Glamour (2 miles)

boc boc-2

Muu-Muu’s, where we warmed our hands with a flaming-hot coffee drink.

boc-3 boc-4

The New Renaissance Bookshop – our guidebook’s advice: “just try to feel grumpy here.”


The Casa del Matador, also known as the Cougar Bar.


3 Monkeys. So much vintage hipsterness.

boc-7 boc-8 boc-9 boc-10

Lunch at Escape From New York. This place gave Becky flashbacks to high school.


January (also): Old Town & Chinatown (2 miles)


Graphic poems about the Green Man of Portland. Most confusing.


The Lan Su Chinese Garden.

oboc-3 oboc-4

Ben’s old stomping ground; Monsoon‘s office is above the Davis Street Tavern.

oboc-5 oboc-6

Not sure if the sign itself is for lease.


April: Nicolai and Slabtown: Rough & Ready (3 miles)

We began at Schoolhouse Electric, which has all sorts of things we want to have, as well as a Ristretto espresso bar, where they were surprised to find that they were in our book (which was also sitting on their shelf)!


The bear sculpture was in the process of being relocated, but we found it anyway.


We couldn’t help stopping in at Smith to poke around and bring home some loose-leaf.

boc-3 boc-4

We also couldn’t help stopping by Becky’s old stomping ground.

boc-5 boc-6

The Lucky Lab is a must-stop, and they have plenty of things to taste. We did some experimentation with the camera which turned out rather well, which is why you lovely people get lots of photos from here.

boc-7 boc-8 boc-9

No stroll around this neighborhood is complete without a visit to the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium.

boc-10 boc-11 boc-12

We also popped in to the Clear Creek Distillery, did some tasting, bought some brandy… and didn’t take any photos.

August: Stark-Belmont: Heart of the Southeast (5 miles)


This long day began (as all great journeys do) with cheese.

oboc-2 oboc-3 oboc-4

The Horse Brass Pub is, according to our book, “one of Portland’s greatest drinking establishments.” What we can say is that they’ve nailed the feel of a British pub, and that we were happy drinking there.

oboc-5 oboc-6

The Movie Madness video store doubles as a museum of film memorabilia. Here’s Becky playing the “which one would I least hate to wear” game.


When the inventor of the Gardenburger wanted to build a house, no ordinary house would do. So he plopped this art-deco monstrosity in the middle of a craftsman-style neighborhood. You feel weird just walking past it.


Wunderland. Need I say more? $10 for four person-hours of entertainment is pretty good, people.


We arrived at the glorious Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery just in time for gorgeous golden evening light.

oboc-10 oboc-11 oboc-12

We stopped at Belmont Station for some more tasting.


…and finished our journey at the Caldera Public House back where we started, and by which time it was dark enough that taking photos wasn’t really a good idea.

To Sum Up

4 walks; 12 miles; all three of Portland’s seasons; 50-ish photos; 1,000 memories. We feel like we know our fair city a lot better now, and we’ll continue working our way through this book.

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