Kid-Parent Retreats!

Has it been six months already? Time for another weekend of one-on-one bonding time with kids!

Becky & Will

I found this adorable cabin on Airbnb, and it was just perfect.


Will spent a lot of time in the sun-soaked hammock, reading old issues of Scientific American.


While he worked on getting ahead on his homework, we made our way through the cabin’s record collection. ABBA, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond (Will’s a huge fan now), and many others.


For our Saturday outing, we headed up to the Adventure Park at Mt. Hood Skibowl. First stop: the alpine slide!


He loved the lift ride almost as much as the slide itself. We had unlimited-ride bracelets, so we must have gone down the slides 20 times.


Next stop: mini go karts.


Also on the docket: rubber-band-assisted trampoline! I did this too, and came home with a giant bruise on my arm. Worth it.


There was much rock-climbing. I told him he was cheating by holding on to the top edge of the panel.


So I challenged him to the real thing. He was pretty scared, but then quite proud when he made it to the top.

boc-0009 boc-0010

This is what greeted us when we got back to the cabin:


Supper and the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; Will and I just finished reading the book together, and this was a great lesson on how movies and books are different. He realized that the book was better, which is huge considering how much he likes anything on a screen.


Sunday morning, we set out for a short hike!

boc-0013 boc-0014 boc-0015 boc-0016

I hate out-and-back hikes, so in order to make it a loop we took some logging roads, and possibly took a wrong turn. Our 2-mile walk turned into a 6-mile trek. We had lots of time to talk.


Just one more magazine before heading home.


Lucy & Ben

We were the “home team,” so we got started right away by setting up a giant pony-land in Lucy’s room. We set up this elaborate scene having something to do with a surprise party when someone woke up, so I let her keep it out all night.


In the morning, we made breakfast (lower left), and finished our bone-broth project (the rest).

boc-0020 boc-0021

We alternated playtime with Lucy getting ahead with her homework (it’s really hard to fit it in during the week). She served us tea as we played Flip Out.


…and Ticket to Ride.


At-home retreats with me always include a movie night and slumber party in the theater. Lucy chose Pippi Långstrump, and I chose to drink.

boc-0024 boc-0025

The next day, Lucy finished her homework (!), so we had some adventures planned. First: snuggle time.


Next: nail polish and ponies.

boc-0027 boc-0028

Next: swimming! I learned later that this was a bad idea, and her nail polish pretty much just fell off. She wasn’t too broken up about it, though, so I sent her off to ride her bike around the block while I picked up some comestibles at our farmer’s market.


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