September Misc Round-Up

Will and his class learned a bunch of stuff about China. They visited the Lan Su garden…


…learned some Chinese characters…


…and even a traditional Chinese dance.


This is his second time through these books. I wonder if he thinks of Jackson as his Hobbes.


Picture day! You can tell, because we won’t let Lucy go anywhere without pulling her hair back otherwise – she spends half her time pushing it out of her face.


One of Lucy’s classmates spent a month in France, so her teacher pounced on the opportunity for learning. You can’t quite tell, but Hall brought back tiny Eiffel towers for everyone, and that’s what they’re holding up.

boc-0006 boc-0007 boc-0008 boc-0009

Lucy’s presenting her “about me” bag. She’s very serious.


WARNING: two photos from now, there’s a picture of a dead animal. If you see Becky looking distressed and don’t want to see the carnage, scroll past it.

We have hardwood floors, so our dining-room chairs have felt feet stuck to them. And they get stray dog hair all over them. So Lucy thought it would be a good idea to vacuum the feet of the chairs. Stop judging us right now.


Will and Lucy both independently noticed that Parcheesi is kind of like Sorry, but with two or three extra rules.


We finally got around to making bone broth from our half of the pig’s head.


Becky and Jenny took Dash out to explore Portland.


Becky took a retreat in Neskowin.


These dogs know how to relax.

boc-0016 boc-0017

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