#66: Make Ice Cream

This is part of our 100 Things in 2014 challenge. Here’s the full list.

Ever since we found a source of dairy that doesn’t make our kids sick , we’ve been wanting to make ice cream. We consulted with the oracle, made our preparations, and got started.


…with a few modifications. Our raw dairy is a bit richer than the stuff you’ll find at the store, so we did a bit of math to get the milk/cream balance just right. Also, in place of granulated sugar, we used coconut sugar, which is why our custard is a rich brown.

boc-0002 boc-0003

The whole process takes about an hour, and then another day in the freezer, so we busted it out after dinner the next day. The verdict?

boc-0004 boc-0005 boc-0006

Super good. The coconut sugar made it taste like caramel, and the texture was delightfully rich and creamy. We’ll definitely be doing this again.

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