#100: Create the "100 Things 2015" List

With this post, and having posted the 2015 list, we have now completed the 2014 list!


We’ve learned a lot about doing this over the last year. We’ve found that we were both pushing ourselves, albeit in different directions: I found that this made me get out and do more, while Becky found that this was a good way to slow her pace to a sustainable rate. For both reasons, we found that posting this goal as publicly as we did helped us achieve it (as well as knowing that you all are reading and enjoying it with us).

There’s another thing to note: we don’t think of this list as 100 goals. It’s one big one. That means that the list itself is free to change, as long as we do 100 awesome things and document them here. Allowing the list to be fluid also means we feel free to put some pretty ambitious things on it, and if they end up being unrealistic or not happening, well, we’ll just find some other cool thing to do instead. Some items dropped off because they weren’t feasible, and were replaced with things from our backup list (the 2015 list); others were simply replaced with something more compelling. Some were removed and found their way back! So we’re keeping this format for 2015; it keeps us moving forward, while not chaining us to a static plan in a dynamic world.

We also found that personal growth projects were taking a back seat to publicly-declared 100-things goals. Whether it was reading through a book, taking a class, or finishing a craft project, when it came time to choose whether to do that or a thing that other people were expecting us to do, the side projects always lost. So this year we’re correcting that: each of us has 5 individual Things on the new list, which are intended for us to grow as people.

Wish us luck in 2015!

(If you’re curious as to how much our list has changed over the year, you can take a look at the raw comparison of the list as it was posted on January 1 and what it looks like today.)

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