100 Things in 2015

Here we go again! As always, we had to write ourselves some rules:

  1. Every Thing must be completed by 11:59 pm on December 31, 2015.
  2. They are not required to be completed in any particular order.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, each Thing requires that both Becky and I be present. Some are for just one of us, some also have the kids involved.
  4. More than one Thing may be completed in a single day, if circumstances permit.
  5. We are allowed to modify the list to adjust for life changes during the year, as long as the goal of doing 100 great things is still met.

This is our second time doing this (here’s the 2014 list!), and we’ve learned a few things. This year we’re keeping some of the items that make sense to do again, but we’re also adding a few personal-growth adventures and individual things. Some of these are pretty ambitious, so wish us luck!

Current Progress: 100/100

  1. Sell our house
  2. Family archery lesson
  3. Dine at one of the 2015 Portland Restaurants of the Year
  4. Dine at an old guard Portland restaurant: Huber’s (136 years)
  5. Road trip with no destination
  6. Explore a new area of the USA
  7. Write anniversary letters
  8. Build a shed
  9. Explore a new beach town
  10. Do 3 walks from Portland Walking Tours book
  11. Adopt a dog
  12. Watch movies 90-71 on AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies list
  13. Visit a fish museum
  14. Experience Chizu
  15. Patronize 5 new (to us) Alberta Arts establishments
  16. Explore the Westmoreland Park nature playground
  17. Make a retro video game station
  18. Hold 12 family game nights
  19. Hold 12 family movie nights, with reviews from all four of us
  20. Surprise date planned by Ben
  21. Cook through an entire cookbook
  22. Family CrossFit
  23. Visit an active volcano
  24. Cook a goose
  25. Create a Dear Photograph
  26. Find 10 geocaches
  27. Attempt paleo(ish) campfire dumpcake
  28. Write a guest blog post
  29. Buy a house
  30. Find a piece of art for our entryway
  31. Experience Russian food at Kachka
  32. Tour a mine
  33. View a movie a week (5 documentaries, 20 AFI films, 12 family movies, 15 random)
  34. Japanese Tea Garden
  35. Get new bikes for the adults
  36. Buy a car
  37. Karaoke date
  38. Road trip with a destination: Afternoon Tea at The Empress
  39. Find a new school for the kids
  40. Wings & Waves family day
  41. Bookshelves in the kid bedrooms
  42. Join an underwear-of-the-month club
  43. Create private patio area for Airbnb apartment with fencing and plants
  44. Deposit all the change
  45. Vist a cidery for a cider tasting
  46. Read a parenting book
  47. Walk Portland’s newest bridge
  48. Decorate for minor holiday breakfasts
  49. Visit the Portland Art Museum
  50. Pajama day
  51. Hike Lands End
  52. Homeschool
  53. Visit a new country
  54. Take in a photography exhibit
  55. Take a tour of the Portland Underground
  56. Play a round of mini-golf with the kids
  57. Install a pool
  58. Move
  59. Visit Golden Gate Park
  60. Attend an event at the convention center
  61. Visit a monastery museum
  62. Visit the Grove of the States
  63. Live musical performance
  64. Finish up the Theater Room
  65. Go on a long bike ride
  66. Visit the Sea Lion Caves
  67. Buy a commuter car
  68. Hawaiian adventure with William
  69. Explore our new neighborhood
  70. Wisconsin family vacation
  71. Perform something as a family
  72. Visit the Trees of Mystery
  73. Kids: wear every article of clothing in their closets
  74. Attend Mortified Portland
  75. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Craft
  76. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
  77. Stay a night at the Historic Lake Quinault Lodge
  78. Make homemade laundry detergent
  79. Container Garden
  80. Build a picnic table
  81. Ride on a ferry
  82. See America’s tallest glockenspiel
  83. Make 4 fancy seasonal cocktails (from recipes)
  84. Stay at a weird Airbnb
  85. Attend an event at Woodburn Dragstrip
  86. Community education: Oregon Wine & Cheese (Becky)
  87. Community education: Making Bacon (Ben)
  88. Ben: Make a new website for CLASS Academy
  89. Ben: Publish a book
  90. Ben: Book a speaking gig
  91. Ben: Drive a Lamborghini
  92. Ben: Take a knife skills class
  93. Ben: Go to prosciutto school
  94. Becky: Connect with my sister
  95. Becky: Participate in a GoodReads challenge – 100 books
  96. Becky: Jenson Family Photo Re-Creations
  97. Becky: Stay in a Tiny House
  98. Becky: 2014 100 Things Book
  99. Becky: Fill in a hole in the OCT
  100. Create and post our “100 Things in 2016” list


  1. This can be a place either or both of us has been in the past, but has to be someplace we’ve never visited together.

7 thoughts on “100 Things in 2015

  1. Nice list. The kids and I have gone to a Tuba Christmas and Fort Vancouver. You probably already know this or have a pass, but Forty Vancouver is a , part of the Federal or State park system and they have a free visit day a couple times a year, they have extra tours that day. Also I am jealous of your trip to the Empress, it is so good! Although Buchart (sp?) Gardens up there has a good Tea Time also. I am totally not jealous of you cleaning our your closets though, lol. I get to do that a couple times a year here. 🙂 Have a great year.

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