#44: Deposit all the Change

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

For the last few years, we’ve been giving the kids their allowance in change. They each earn their age in dollars each week, so Will was getting $8, and Lucy $6, all in quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. They’re both pretty good at saving up for big purchases, so it was piling up.

A couple of months ago we switched away from real money, and started using FamZoo. We’ve set up their allowance to automatically deposit in their accounts (which they check regularly), and we can know exactly how much spending money they each have just by looking at our phones.

So now we had all this change laying around, taking up space. It was time to make it go away. So we poured it all into a big bowl…


…and brought it to the bank. Our branch has one of the magical coin-counting machines, so we turned it on and started pouring.

boc-0002 boc-0003

It took a few rounds of filling and counting.

boc-0004 boc-0005

But in the end, this is what was left.

boc-0006 boc-0007

We felt literally ten pounds lighter. A+++, would deposit again.

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