#60: Attend an Event at the Convention Center

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

Living two miles from the Oregon Convention Center means we’re always driving past and seeing the names of interesting events. We try to make it to at least one every year, and this year it turns out the same LEGO show as last year was in town: Bricks Cascade!

Many of the same attractions were in place, including the ability to pose with the stars of the LEGO Movie:


We had the kids pose next to some of their favorite characters. Lucy, of course, chose Lucy.


We had just finished listening to the first Harry Potter book (as read by the most excellent Stephen Fry), so they were transfixed by this recreation of Hogwarts Castle.


One of the school projects was a robot that measured your height. Will and Lucy both stood in line for a turn.


This is a motorized LEGO birthday gift to the Oregon Zoo. Will watched for about 10 minutes.


And, of course, there were a zillion inspiring LEGO creations, small and large, original and imitative. Lucy’s attention span with LEGO is broad and shallow, but Will had to focus on each assembly, probably trying to decide how he would have built it.


There were some truly amazing pieces of work at the show, and both kids were inspired to go home and make some new things.

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