February Misc Round-Up

The kids always love visiting their grandparents and their cousins. Especially when Operation is involved.

Lucy had a hard time deciding how to spend her allowance on clearance items at Target. And yes, she ended up with the fuzzy pink sweater. She looks like a Muppet when she’s wearing it.




Becky had a photo shoot at Wintler Park, so the kids and I rode bikes and made sand drawings for a while.

boc-0010 boc-0012

Will’s homeschooling includes some classes at Village Home, and we take walks around the neighborhood for breaks.


Village home also puts together field trips. This one was birdwatching at Fernhill Wetlands nature trail.

Sometimes we do a reading lunch. The kids love magazines.


While Will and I were buying new stools and a bookshelf, Becky and Lucy found some interesting things at City Liquidators.


I’m developing a deep and abiding love for cast iron. And aprons.


Happy birthday, Becky! Strawberry waffles for breakfast!


And Holdfast for dinner!


Becky got a new injection for her back, and this one seems to be working. Cross your fingers.


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