Gridium Camp: Park City, UT

Every three months, my company holds an all-hands meeting in an interesting part of the USA. I’ve heartily enjoyed the three other camps I’ve been to, and this one promised to be no different. The location: Park City, Utah.


We went there in March, after a particularly warm winter, so there wasn’t much snow left. The temperature was comfortable, and the scenery was gorgeous.


The primary reason we were here was to hold meetings, so we borrowed a house big enough to hold all of us. The place was amazing, probably the best I’ve seen for a group this size.


One of our number had a pregnant wife who was due at the same time as Camp, so we MacGyvered together a way for him to be with us. I scotch-taped the wide-angle lens I have for my phone on top of a laptop webcam, plugged in a condenser microphone, and Skyped him in. It worked perfectly: he could see the whole room, and we could all see his smiling face. We were all kind of surprised how well it worked.

boc-0012 boc-0013

We weren’t all business, though. One morning we headed out at 5:30 to climb a local mountain. We quickly reached the snow line, and some of us found out we had packed entirely the wrong sort of shoes.


Here the wide-angle lens comes in handy again.

boc-0007 boc-0008

We reached the summit, and made it back with 5 minutes left before the business started up again.

boc-0009 boc-0010

Before we knew it, it was time to head home again. Here’s how I let Becky and the kids know I was all packed and ready to go.


…and that I’d be seeing them soon.


Another fun trip, although once again unfortunately without Becky. Hopefully she’ll come along to the next one.

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