April Misc Round-Up

So we had some technical difficulties, and these two shots from February didn’t make it into that update. So here they are: Lucy helping out as a test model for our family portrait.


We went to an Intrepid Fitness barbecue, and the hosts had some awesome costumes!


For Easter, Becky found some egg-shaped chalks and stencils, which the kids loooooved.

With our switch to being a one-car family, we occasionally make use of the excellent Car2Go service to fill in gaps. Here Will and I are in a teeny-tiny Smart Car.


Lucy was chosen to present her pixel-art Hello Kitty at the CLASS Academy assembly!


I needed a new headshot, because I look waaay different than when the last one was taken.


Becky and I went to a one-woman show!


Our family’s favorite dinner out: a giant bridge of sushi!


We went to see School House Rock! And went for a walk in the park.

Sometimes there are a few extra minutes when Lucy and I went to pick Will up from Trackers. And they have an archery range. These things happen.


Plus the kids got a great adventure with the Swanks!

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