#11: Adopt a Dog(s)

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

With the loss of Jackson, Scout was left completely alone. Pugs are social creatures (and so are we), so the house felt a little empty. We talked about it for a couple of weeks, and decided we needed another pug.

Our first stop was Pacific Pug Rescue, which is where Scout came from, and is a fantastic cause. But their waiting list was 80 deep, and it would be months of loneliness for Scout (and Becky) before we could bring one home.

So Becky did some research. A lot of research. We definitely wanted a boy, and didn’t want one that was too young (brand new puppies are hard). She found a fantastic breeder down in the Medford area, made contact, discovered a 5-month-old young man, and we made our decision.

Becky used miles to fly down to Medford, and rented a car to bring the puppy home. When she arrived at the breeder and met the puppy (and immediately named him Hank), she was also crawled on by a lovely 2½-year-old girl named Sutton. Sutton had just been diagnosed with an eye problem, which wasn’t very serious, but she could no longer be shown, and needed a forever home. So Becky drove home with twice the dogs she went down there for!

Fast-forward a couple of weeks, and Sutton (whom we re-named Stella) isn’t really working out. She’s overly attached to me, and cries and whines when I so much as close a door between us. When I leave the house, she’s inconsolable, even with other humans and dogs around. However, when we leave her at our beloved dog-sitter’s house, she’s totally happy and content and settled.

Right around this time, unbeknownst to us, the sitters were starting to think about getting another pug! So it was with a bit of relief and a palpable sense of serendipity that we drove Stella (now Sabin) the one mile to her new home, where she is as happy as happy can be, and we get to see her a couple times every month!

So now we have two pugs again. Scout’s still getting used to Hank’s puppiness, but they’re already buddies, and we catch them secretly snuggling and napping together.

This feels right. Hank is exactly the dog we needed right now, and Sabin is in a perfect home for her. Perfect.

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