#84: Stay at a “weird” Airbnb

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

While on  No-Destination Road Trip 2015 and passing through Eugene, we couldn’t help but book this charming Airbnb! Don built this thing in his backyard, and he’s gone all out to make it cozy comfortable. He even made the floor out of pennies!

It’s pretty rustic — the bathroom is in the main house, and the kitchen is all on the back patio — but what is there is very livable.

This item might have to become a permanent fixture in future lists. We’ve always sought out lodging that wasn’t so run-of-the-mill, but going out of our way to find something unique can truly be delightful.

3 thoughts on “#84: Stay at a “weird” Airbnb

  1. Looks like a cool place Ben I can see staying at that place for awhile, relaxing place to stay. How long were you there?

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