#39: Find a New School

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

A while back, we tried homeschooling for Will, but it turns out it’s not for us, but we also knew that a standard school setting doesn’t work for him either. When we found Summa Academy, we finally felt like this was the right place for him.

Two things stand out for us about this school. The first is an emphasis on community and group work, which are probably the most important skills you can learn to be an effective adult. Even as parents we’re feeling more like part of the group than we ever have before.

The second is the focus on relationships; their entire teaching philosophy is called Natural Learning Relationships, and the foundation of teaching there is building trust and relationships between the student, the educator, and the parent. There’s even parent school, and in the first two weeks of school Becky and I spent 12 hours in class with the other new parents, learning the whole system.

It’s working. Both the kids are excited to go to school, and love their teachers and classmates. Plus, no uniforms! We knew Lucy would love this aspect, she’s got a real passion for putting outfits together, but Will is taking to it also. Here’s what they chose to wear for their first day:


It’s an exciting new adventure for our family, and so far it’s been pretty great.

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