#71: Family Performance

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

It’s become tradition that every Jenson family reunion have a showcase, or performance. Each family unit puts together a little skit to entertain the rest.

This year the skits included a caterpillar, an invisible bench, picking noses, and everybody’s favorite: Little Grandpa. Some of the older kids even got together and made a skit of their own.

The Straubs acted as MCs, which meant we got to do four or five short skits, just to tie things together and leave some preparation time for the next act. It all came off without a hitch, thanks to Becky’s careful planning/organizing/cat-herding (not to mention scripting the interim skits).

This is one of our favorite parts of these reunions. Everybody gets to show off their inner prima donna, and express their creative side. If your family reunions include kids under 20, we highly recommend something like this.

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