#3: Eat at One of Portland Monthly’s 2015 Winners

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

Portland Monthly is kind of a big deal. Their recommendations have never (in our experience) been a bad bet. For your reading pleasure this evening, we recount our visit to Portland’s Best New Barbecue: The People’s Pig.

There’s no website, so don’t bother googling. Also, while the word “pig” appears on the sign, the thing they’re best known for is fried chicken. We decided to play the numbers, and got the pork platter, as well as a fried chicken sandwich.

Holy pig. The food here is amazing. The chicken sandwich was among the best things either one of us has put in our mouths. The greens melt in your mouth. Becky’s cocktail had pickled peaches. We think some of the flavor comes from the setting, the barely-renovated husk of the old Tropicana, which apparently always felt like a bit of a dive.

Not the poshest spot we’ve blogged, but still highly recommended. Aim straight for the fried chicken sandwich.

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