#64: Organize the Theater Room

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

There’s a room in our house that I had always intended for a theater. I identified it early in the purchasing process, and we had it finished and wired before we even moved in. But for various reasons, it never quite got done.

Here’s the “before” – the screen, projector, and sound system are all in place and working, but it was only cobbled together. There was actual duct tape involved. These photos are WAY worse than normal (we had moved out of the upstairs kitchen while it was being remodeled), but there was always that “unfinished but working” feeling to the room.

This year we set a goal to really finish it. Take care of the dangling wiring, stop using this room for storage, hang all the artwork, and really make it a cozy place to curl up with a movie. Here’s the result:


You can also see my standing desk in the back; this has been my office for a few months now. That sound system has been providing me with lots of loud techno to write code to, and it’s about the most isolated place in the house – perfect for concentrating and recording.

Huge success here. We’re using this room 1000% more than we were before, and watching movies together is an important part of how our family works.

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