#10: Two (More) Portland Walking Tours

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

We did part of this challenge last year, and are continuing from the same source material. If you’re noticing that there are only two, you’re right – this year has been pretty eventful, and these are the only ones we could make time and energy for.

Fremont Street (April)

This tour had us going quite a ways along Fremont, and didn’t end where it started. So we parked at the endpoint, and used Car2Go to get ourselves to the start. This is pretty close to where we live, but there was still lots to explore, and we stopped at Batter for brunch along the way.

Kenton (May)

Kenton is a neighborhood in north Portland that we don’t go to often, so this was a nice way to get a sense of it. The book does a great job of giving context to what you’re looking at.

Unfortunately this post isn’t very detailed, but we’ve already packed the walking tours book, and probably won’t find it again until after we’ve moved. There will be more, however; we’re nowhere near done with all the tours, and you know how we are with lists!

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