#9: Explore a New Beach Town

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

When Becky finished her segment of the Oregon Coast Trail, we had a free weekend, so we shacked up at a most charming space above a bustling diner in Yachats, and dedicated ourselves to exploring the town. We discovered part of the OCT (the 804), a botanic preserve on the east side of 101, the patio of the Luna Fish House, live music at the Yachats Farm Store, and the Sunday farmers market.

[Note: Becky’s smile looks strained because her lips are blistered from wind and sun exposure on the hike.]

We liked Yachats a lot. It’s small enough to really get to know in a weekend, but has a flavor all its own. It’s sort of like what Cannon Beach is to Portland, except orbiting Eugene instead. We had a great time, and this place is well worth a visit.

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