September Misc Round-Up

Becky went on a ladies’ weekend retreat to Centralia with Becky and Debbie!

At 8 months of age, Hank is showing us his personality. Here he is “helping” me build a piece of Ikea furniture. When he decided he was done with his first long walk, he just laid down where he was and refused to move; I had to carry him home. And although he wants to be with Becky when she does laundry, he’s deathly afraid of the stairs, so she always finds him hanging out at the top.

Chuck and Al threw a PBR-themed birthday:

The kids had a few adventures. Now that they don’t have school uniforms, they’re trying to wear every single article of clothing they have before repeating anything. They both enjoy reading with the pugs. Grandpa Ken came over to help with a barn-door project for the master bathroom. And they each got to design and paint tiles at Mimosa Studios.

Puppy Time

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