#1: Sell our House

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

We realized that we were outgrowing our house a few months ago. The kids’ rooms were in a finished attic space, which meant sloping ceilings, and they were getting tall enough that they couldn’t stand up straight in the corners. The backyard was tiny and not very usable for playtime, and being close to two seriously busy streets, we didn’t feel comfortable sending them out on their bikes.

So we decided to move, which means selling our house. Our realtor hooked us up with a stager, to help smooth our home into something even you would want to buy (which didn’t take much; Becky’s pretty good at making a house feel good), and put us up on the market.

4535 NE Grand_Flyer_

Our listing went live on a Tuesday. We held two open houses that Saturday and Sunday.


And on Monday morning, we accepted an offer way over asking price. The real estate market in our neighborhood is crazy right now.


Of course, given how many deals are flowing through the system, we then had to wait six weeks to close. But at least this part was over. The whole process wasn’t stress-free, of course, but it was about as close as it could get. Daniette is a great realtor, and our personalities matched up perfectly.

For the curious, here are all the shots of the main house.

And here are the ones from the downstairs apartment.


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