#88: Ben – CLASS Academy Website

This is part of our 100 Things in 2015 challenge. Here’s the full list.

The website for CLASS Academy was dated and hard to manage. Each of the classrooms maintained a blog so the parents could see what was happening in class, but they were scattered across a bunch of blogspot.com domains.


They needed something new. So I got to work. I downloaded a fresh copy of WordPress, spent a bit of money on a school theme, and started customizing.

The result, I think, is pretty good. If the link above doesn’t show the new site when you’re reading this, you can try this one, or look at the screenshot:


You’ll notice that it isn’t finished. This one got a lot harder when we weren’t in constant contact with the school, and things slowed way down. I feel a little conflicted crossing this off the list, but the fact is that I took it about as far as I could. The site is up, there’s photography, the basic content is all there, it’s just waiting for some final touches that only the school can really provide. So is it done, or not?

Here’s the thing: completionism isn’t our goal here. What we wanted out of the 100 Things was to do a hundred interesting things in a year, and that’s necessarily going to entail some messiness – we are human, after all. So I’m going to cross this one off. I built (most of) a school website, and it was fun.

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