November Misc Roundup

Will and Lucy have been settling into their new school nicely, and we started practicing the transit commute. One day was “dress up like a role model” day, and they both decided to dress up as us!

I took the kids to a Minecraft party at one of their friends’ houses. They had a baby guinea pig!

We love museums. Will and I visited the Oregon Historical Society’s WWII exhibit. Becky took Lucy to the Blue Man Group exhibit at the Children’s Museum. Oh, and the kids had a day off from school, so Becky took them to JJ Jump Extreme!

While Becky and I went to San Francisco, the kids spent some time with the Swanks.

I took the kids to visit OMSI, where the GUITAR exhibit was on.

Miscellany: Dia de las Muertas, helping move Grandpa Ken’s trailer, shop-climbing at Costco, portraits with Connor, and a light assist at a portrait shoot.


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