EtW: Sen Yai (Thailand)

We ate in Thailand, and our faces almost melted off. Also, Andy Ricker is a god among men.

This is part of our Eat The World challenge. Check out the whole thing.

Sen Yai is an offshoot of Pok Pok that specializes in authentic northern Thai noodle dishes. The decor, the beverages, the utensils, the extra sauces you can pile on your lunch – you realize right away that this isn’t like the “Thai food” you’ve ever had before.

It’s better, is what it is. It’s spicier, sure, and that posed a problem for Becky, who can’t handle too much capsaicin, but it’s also just… better. The crispy chicken is crispier, the greens greener. We loved it, and would recommend it to just about anyone.

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