November Kid/Parent Retreats

Ben and Lucy

Lucy wanted to practice her tattooing on me, so I told her I had one arm left. The next morning we ate breakfast and got dressed to go to Crossfit, we had a bit of time left over, so she worked on making her own (cardboard) laptop from the Hello Ruby book we funded on Kickstarter. We made sure to fit in some pony time, and a bike trip to Salt & Straw, and a showing of Minions at Kennedy School over dinner. During a trip to the grocery store, she weighed very carefully the relative merits of a stuffed raccoon and a plush octopus, finally settling on the one with more pink and spots.

Becky and Will

We drove two hours to our lodgings in Klickitat, which is a tiny little town up the gorge, listening to How to Eat Fried Worms on the way. We spent the whole next day at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, which has a ton of great exhibits, and hikes with stunning views all around. We even had a fox as a companion for about half a mile.

That night we hit Burgerville for dinner, followed by a surprise showing of Goosebumps, which Will claims is the “scariest movie of [his] entire life.” He was so scared he was holding his ears.

The next morning we spent some time in our backyard, on the Klickitat River, and took a tour of the Bonneville Dam on the way home, including the locks and the fish ladder.

One thought on “November Kid/Parent Retreats

  1. GREAT Photos, good to see how you show the kids growing,,,,,. THANKS!!!!!!

    Love to all,


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